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Purpose of The NEM.io Foundation

NEM Technology in Industries

Technology, financial, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, services, mining, and many other industries can benefit from NEM’s ability to seamlessly manage and exchange data of any kind. The Foundation is dedicated to working with industry associations and companies to promote industry data management solutions.

NEM Technology in Government

NEM Technology, more than any other distributed leger software, has the ability to streamline and reduce costs of record keeping, document filing, and government data management in a completely tamper-proof and always-accessible way. The NEM.io Foundation is committed to working with government organizations worldwide, educating them to learn about how NEM can create better outcomes.

NEM Technology in Academia

NEM has great potential to change the way universities and academic researchers manage data and exchange knowledge. Having shared databases of research with unalterable histories can strengthen the integrity and accessibility of information in a worldwide network. Our mission is to help institutions of learning and discovery understand, adopt, and propagate the technology.

About NEM.io Foundation

  • Introduction to the Foundation

    The NEM.io Foundation Ltd. is a global organization founded in Singapore. Its mission is to promote the use of the NEM blockchain and distributed ledger technology to governments, academia, industries, developers and end users.

  • About NEM

    The NEM network represents a new generation of blockchain software. Although it is often grouped with cryptocurrency networks, NEM was built with 100% original code on a ‘blue ocean’ approach, meaning it is a platform in which anyone can manage any data and build applications to suit their specific needs - getting more people outside the crypto currency domain to embrace its technology. It is designed to merge all the strengths of a blockchain and distributed ledger technology with infinitely expandable functionalities, and it currently does so better than any other network.

  • Goal of the Foundation

    The NEM.io Foundation’s job is to help users and creators understand and feel inspirational about the potential of the platform. The Foundation takes this responsibility seriously, but has never lost sight of the joy and excitement of being on the cutting edge of something truly new. It’s this excitement that keeps our members, partners, and community working together for the benefit of all.

Goals of the Foundation

NEM.io Foundation


Our officers have a broad background of financial services and technology development experience.

Lon Wong


Jeff McDonald

Vice President

Ronel Li


Ken Chan


Kristof Van de Reck

Council Member

Niko Maenpaa

Council Member

Nelson Valero

Council Member

Albert Castellana Lluis

Council Member

Takao Asayama

Council Member

Stephen Chia

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Clayton Bittle

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Founding Members

NEM.io Foundation Founding Members

Erik Van Himbergen

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